22 S Bucket Tooth with 22PN Pin & 22LK Lock

22s bucket tooth
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Price $13.47

This general purpose (flat) Bucket Tooth comes with the correct Steel Pin & Rubber Lock - What you need to pin it onto your bucket's adapter. That's right you are buying a package deal. If comparing prices remember you are getting the Pin and Lock Free!

This is an Esco Style Conical tooth, the industry standard part # for the bucket tooth is 22S, the Steel Pin # is 22PN, the Rubber Lock # is 22LKAs you can see in the picture the back of the tooth is not flat it has a tab with a rectangle hole where the pin drives through.

This Bucket Tooth is found on mini-small excavators, small backhoes, and skid steers.

Color and Mfg. marks may vary from time to time as production runs have slight differences, but rest assured you are buying Quality products.